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The Story
I have always enjoyed music. I have only been formally trained on the trumpet, but have picked up the guitar and bass. For a while I was playing some on the piano (very simplistically by ear), but could hardly play a chord at present. I learned to read the bass cleft from singing tenor in choirs. I have pretty well focused in recent years on the bass.

Above is a picture of our worship team playing at the grand opening of the new sanctuary (2005) of the Lemoore First Baptist Church. I'm playing the white bass in back, a little to the right of the piano. The church now ministers under the name of the "South Valley Community Church!"

Information Pertainning to Our Sample Songs
I have provided some of our songs for those who want to hear what we sound like. I do need to make you aware that the only way I can put these on line like this (from a copyright/legal standpoint) is to post recordings of live performances and make sure the number of downloads do not exceed the what is allowed by the CCLI license of our church. This results in several "side effects", so to speak, which I will communicate below:
   1. The sound mix will not always be well balanced. The recordings were taken off the "house mix", which means that adjustments made for "stage volume" and "room EQ" have an impact on the recording. Unfortunately, that often means the bass gets turned down as a result of someone having the bass too high in their monitor, or any other random boominess that shows up.
   2. You often get imprecise starts and stops to the songs as that is dependent upon the sound man hitting the button to tell the recorder to start a new track. We often go from one song right into another, so this can be a difficult task.
   3. Songs that are downloaded often will have to be removed from time to time and a different live performance put up if and when it is performed at a later time.

Songs in Windows.wma format!
Used by Permission CCLI License 301605
Again and Again
Claire Cloninger and Robert Sterling, © 2004 Juniper Landing Music, Two Fine Boys Music, Word Music
All For You
Paul Baloche & Lenny LeBlanc, © 2002 Integrity's Hosanna! Music & Len Songs Publishing
All I Can Do is Surrender
Mark Roach, © 2004
Amazing Love (You Are My King)
Billy James Foote, © 1997 Worship
Paul Baloche & Don Moen, © 2003 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music
Awesome God
Rich Mullins, © 1990 Edward Grant inc.
Be Glorified in Me
Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves & Louie Giglio, © 1999 songs EMI Christian Music Pub
Marie Barnett, © 1995 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing
Come Now is the Time to Worship
Brian Doerkesen
Draw the Family Line
Frank Caudell (Assoc. Pastor SVCC), © 2000
Eagle's Wings
Frank Caudell (Assoc. Pastor SVCC)
Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio, © EMI Christian Music Publishing
Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise)
Brenton Brown & Ken Riley © 2005 Thankyou Music
Chris Tomlin, © 2000 EMI Christian Music Publishing
Friend of God
Michael Gungor and Israel Houghton, © 2003 Vertical Worship Songs/Ascap Champions for Christ Publishing
Glory to Your Name
(Traditional Hymn)
How Can I Keep From Singing
Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman & Ed Cash, © 2006 music/Alletrop music/Thankyou Music
I Am Free
Jon Egan, © 2004, Vertical Worship Songs
I Surrender All
Judson W. VanDeVenter & Winfield S. Weeden, 1896
It's Like You!
Frank Caudell (Assoc. Pastor SVCC)
King of Glory
Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves
John Ellis, © 2003 Mouthfulofsongs/Birdwing Music/Near Bliss Music
Love the Lord!
Lincoln Brewster, © 2005 Integrity's Praise! Music
Meet With Me
Lamont Hiebert, ©1999 Maranatha! Music
Not To Us
Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves, © 2002 Six Steps Music
Power in the Blood
Lewis E. Jones,
Salt & Light
John and Jan L’ Ecuyer, © 2002 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music
Shout to the Lord!
© 1993 Darlene Zschech/Hillsongs Australia
The Wonders of God
Rick Muchow, ©1992 Encouraging Music
Walk by Faith
Chris Falson, © 1990 Maranatha Praise
We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
Doug Horley, ©1993 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music
Yesterday, Today & Forever
Vicki Beeching, © 2002 Thankyou Music
You're the One
Frank Caudell (Assoc. Pastor SVCC)
You Are The Way
Rick Muchow, ©1997 Encouraging Music

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